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Can I feed left over chicken feed to my pigs?

ColleenColleen Junior Member
edited September 2008 in General Pig Health
I realize that commercially produced chicken feed will have different requirements based on where you are (I am in Canada) and I'm trying to find out if I can feed a bucket of it to my 8 pigs.

My son stuck the hose in the bucket of chicken feed and now it will rot if I put it in the chicken feeder. I know the pigs will eat it long before it rots and I don't want to waste it.

Thanks for any help you can offer. :)


  • nilanila Junior Member
    edited September 2008
    I just joined so this may not be timely, but . . . My feed mill says that there is very little difference between the content of chicken feed and pig feed. Ie, growing pig ration (17% protein) is about right for growing chickens past the starter stage. So mix (12% protein) is about right for layers, as long as you add a good calcium source, such as oyster shell.
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