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Sound pregnant?

Ok, in Jan. I wrote that I did not believe the gilts I had were bred.  Now its March, and one gilt's teats look as though they are swelling.  The nipples themselves are much more pronounced. Also her whoha is really swollen. Does this sound like she could be bred? 


  • mjmmjm Junior Member
    Sounds promising - is the gilt also filling out in the belly?

    The 'whoha' swelling of late pregnancy is soft compared with the tighter swelling you get when a gilt is around the time of being in heat.

    See more in video and factsheet here: www.pighealth.com/offers/breeding.htm

  • mjmmjm Junior Member
    One further point to bear in mind is that mycotoxin [Fusarium] contaminated feed [from moulded grain] can cause enlargement of teats and vulva.

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