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Question on breeding a new boar

WesleyPDavisWesleyPDavis Junior Member
edited August 2015 in General Pig Health
Hello all, first timer here. I entered the pig market about two years ago. I purchased a red wattle boar, two red wattle gilts, and three bluebutt gilts. All were in 2-3 month age range when bought. I kept the bluebutts separate from the wattles, planned to put the bluebutts with a nice Hampshire boar when they got older. Plans changed as they seem to do, and the Hampshire boar was never obtained. My red wattle boar had been raised with the other two red wattle gilts who were not related to him. But after having them for over a year, they never bred. I blew it off to begin with, thinking young boars take some time to really develop. I could see him make an effort, but they would just shrug him off. And I know that they were coming in heat regularly due to the attempts they were making to sell their goods to me while I was in the pen with them. So about three months ago, we integrated the bluebutts in with the red wattles, and within minutes, my boar was breeding all 3 of the bluebutt gilts. I thought maybe this was the confidence my boar needed to breed to the other 2 gilts, and left him to his business. I can notice now that the bluebutts are beginning to milk up, but no sign of any sort from my red wattles. Should I put my gilts in with another boar because they won't accept my red wattle, it is it possible both gilts are sterile? I hate to cull them after the time and energy invested in them already, but I don't enjoy feeding two 400 pound pets either. Thanks in advance for advice!


  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited August 2015
    If hes got the hamps in pig then its the wattle gilts at fault, so I would get rid of them.:(
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