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HELP!!! Son's fair pig sent to slaughter early

fair momfair mom Junior Member
edited August 2015 in General Pig Health
Our county fair was last week and he had a taken some dairy and a pig. We weighed his Duroc in on Tuesday the 28th and he showed his pig for market class on Wednesday the 29th. By Thursday morning I noticed he had not been drinking much. By Friday morning I noticed he hasn't drank anything so I brought water in from home thinking maybe he didn't like city water and he had some bumps all over him. By Friday night, he was getting worse. I was told to get him up and in the sale ring for the market sale and see what happens later. I called the vet that night and she said to get him a shot of 5cc of dexum as it will relax him and cause him to drink more water. On Saturday things were worse than before. I called the vet again and she came to the barn and he had a 104.5 temp. She gave him another shot of dexum and he still hadn't had anything to drink other than what we were trying to force in his mouth with a spray bottle and he still had large bumps all over him. We were spraying him off with water and had a fan on him...it was only around 80 at our fair so it wasn't overly hot and the barns were fairly comfortable. After talking with the vet and fairboard, it was in the pig's best interest to send him to slaughter as we were not sure if he would be around by Sunday evening. My dad took him to the locker plant and they were going to butcher him on Sunday morning but when they got there they took him right away cause he looked terrible. Sunday I was notified that they condemned the carcass cause his core temp was 106. He said it had a rotten odor to the carcass (which I was there this morning to see the carcass and the coloring in the loin looked good and it wasn't watery) and he didn't find anything wrong with the organs. The locker plant said this morning that they have no idea what would have caused this and the vets don't know anything and the state inspector was stumped too.

My question is does anyone know what could have caused this? I am beyond upset with the whole situation as we have to purchase another pig for my son to take the place of the one that was condemned as it was sold in the sale. We had 2 pigs housed together and their pen was always clean and dry minus the part of the pen outside where they could lay in the mud. We had a self feeder and then a nipple with water. They had been wormed back in May


  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited August 2015
    Ain't read through all of your post, but I reckon it's Erysipelas, which is a bacterial infection, which can be treated with penicillin. Can be caught from other pigs or as it is always present it can be brought on by stress, ie transportation, weather being too warm, etc. A pen can be clean, but a pig can still catch it. You can vaccinate against it or just treat with drugs.
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