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Large black sow pregnant - lame

robinlm1@hotmail.comrobinlm1@hotmail.com Junior Member
edited July 2015 in General Pig Health
My pregnant large black (pet) sow is very lame on her front right quarter. We are not sure how old she is but would estimate around 3-4 years old. Very confused - Had vet out twice over last 3 weeks due to her lameness and nothing in the foot, no swelling or infection apparent. Both times she received an anti inflammatory injection which got her much better for a few days but she is now much worse once again. I have moved her on to dryer, herder and greener ground today and hopefully this will help her. Recently we have had a lot of rain - It is Scotland we are talking about! I noted yesterday that she is pretty constantly chewing and her teeth/jaw is squeaking. Don't know if it is linked or not but any thoughts appreciated. My terror, of course, would be a foot and ...... mouth related discomfort.......? Nothing showing in the other sows and piglets who are all in great health. Thanks in anticipation. Robin
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