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Beautiful KuneKune pet pig piglets For sale (Cheshire)

Tilly-TrotterTilly-Trotter Junior Member
edited September 2012 in Market Place
KuneKune pigs (or 'Disney Pigs' as they are sometimes known)are intelligent, loyal and fun. Ideal pets for any farm or small holding, every piggy is unique, with its own cheeky characteristics!! #EveryFarmNeedsAPig

Including a mix of all-black and ginger/silver spotted piglets & born on 6th August, these beautiful kunekune piglets are already friendly, inqisitive and playful. They will be fully weaned by October, although viewing and meeting in the meantime is highly recommended.

We've a photo diary of every piglet & lots of pics of mamma & pappa pigs - for more details and photos you are welcome to:

* Follow mamma pig on Twitter @Piggy_Tilly
* Befriend Tilly Trotter on facebook

PLEASE NOTE - Pigs need outdoor living space to rummage; these cheeky piggies can grow to the size of a medium dog, weighing in at 220lbs!! They do however undoubtedly bring a lot of joy and character along with them!! (£100 each or £150 a pair)

Please feel free to post any questions...


  • Tilly-TrotterTilly-Trotter Junior Member
    edited September 2012
    Hello piggy people,

    Well my little piglet crew are now 5 weeks old - they're all getting a nibbley taste for my big-pig (S&W) food, and last week we ventured to the Orchard for their first taste of the Great Outdoors!!!

    They all had a fantastic time - and behaved very well, following close behind me through the yard and back again afterwards!!

    Here's a link to a video of them playing on grass for the 1st time!!

    They're all so beautiful & characteristic, and as you can see, I'm a fantastic mamma, and a fantastic pet!!

    Anyone interested in purchasing one of my Piglets is invited to visit us, to meet our piggy family, and for those new pet pig owners, to obtain a thorough and realistic understanding to keeping pet pigs!!

    #EveryFarmNeedsAPig ♥
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