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Clever Pig!!

PamapuriaPamapuria Junior Member
edited June 2011 in Pig Tales and Stories
I was working in the cowshed today and to keep the boys out of my way....asked them to go into the pig paddock and make a fire. We have just had a large wind that has brought down lots of branches / sticks etc.

The boys made their fire with the pig watching, and wanted a scratch...like they do.

Once the fire had started the boys began dragging branches over to the fire to burn. Our pig watched them doing this for a while and then off she went and began bringing twigs and sticks from out of her hut and placing them by the fire.....she even went under the trees and dragged over a large branch! I could not believe my eyes! She got a good scratch and lots of attention with every new branch she brought! Bless her!


  • I8IggyI8Iggy Senior Member
    edited June 2011
    Sounds like Summergirl, when we let her and her pen mate out for their walk the 1st thing she does is go and find a stick for either me or our son to throw. Like my hubby tells me all the time, you've just got overgrown dogs that onkie.
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