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Dont get pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sheepfarmersheepfarmer Junior Member
edited May 2011 in Pig Tales and Stories
This morning i awoke at half 5 to take the pigs to the abattoir.The pigs knew what was going on and were stubborn fat f****** all they kept doing was lie down after an hour of swearing and shouting they were in the trailer but there was another problem from the pigs squealing they had woken the neighbours I was not popular.lets just hope its worth all the hassle. I prefer sheep by miles


  • Sugarstone FarmSugarstone Farm Junior Member
    edited April 2011
    Hope they taste so good it overshadows that memory of loading them up! :)
  • I8IggyI8Iggy Senior Member
    edited May 2011
    Pigs AREN'T stuipd animals that you feed, take off to be slaughtered and then come back in a white package and never thought of ever again.

    Even my 9 yr old says a prayer along these lines "Dear God thanks for letting Garnet bite my mom she is sure good on the fork."

    Even with our freezer pigs, we always make a point to trailer them once in a while to get use to a schedule and the funney thing is when we did not have time to bring the trailer to the pen, there they were waiting at the gate waiting on us.
  • PamapuriaPamapuria Junior Member
    edited May 2011
    hehe, I remember when I was a kid my Dad always had to wait until the pig made him angry before he could kill it!

    Before I take my pigs to be killed I feed them in the trailer for a week. They soon get used to climbing in and out and on the big day they jump on no worries.

    I wish I could train my sheep in the same way!
    Try the easy ways first next time. Bet they will taste great though!
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