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My pig lecture

eelliotteelliott Junior Member
edited April 2011 in Vets and Producers

I am Dr. Elliott and I will be giving a lecture on pigs this Wed for a local veterinary technician program. As I have been a small animal practitioner for the last 26 years, I have been working at accumulating some pertinent info for these students. Since a registered vet. tech would be assisting a veterinarian on the job I would like some input on pig restraint, handling and safety. To those veterinarians who work with pigs: What are the more important things you would like your technicians to know as they assist you in the field? What skills do you need your technicians to know so they can better assist you?

Thank you for your help!

Dr. Elliott


  • rhodierhodie Senior Member
    edited April 2011
    The most common form of retraint for adult pigs is the noose. The noose can be a cable or nylon chord type, the noose is slipped into the mouth with the handle above the snout, the loose end of the noose is fed through the handle which is in the form of a pipe, usually with a locking device to prevent the noose loosening once engaged. The noose is then tightened behing the top canine teeth, with the handle held firmly against the top of the snout,just below the eyes. The pig will pull back and the operator will have to pull against the pig to keep her restrained. In this position, blood can be taken, an abscess lanced and cleaned, nose ring applied etc. An experienced stockman can noose and take bloods, or ring on their own, the technique is easily learned.
  • eelliotteelliott Junior Member
    edited April 2011
    Thank you for your help. My lecture is tomorrow and I have been studying hard!
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