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AAA piglet

HammysMomHammysMom Junior Member
edited March 2011 in Pig Tales and Stories
I took a runt piglet back to the breeder today to be castrated. We left the pig in a tote in my minivan and gathered in the house for breakfast before the deed. When we came outside to head to the barn my keys were locked in the car. How did this happen? The piglet had knocked the tote over and was running around in the back of the van. I figured my son must have accidentally locked the doors. We called AAA towing and they rushed right over because there was a pet in the car. As soon as the tow truck arrived I went to meet him at the car and there stood the piglet in the front seat, playing and having a good time. Before unlocking the door the driver got out his phone and took a few pictures, this was a first for him. Later when I got home and loaded up my own photo I noticed he was standing behind the manufacturers sticker "This vehicle equipped with Toyota theft deterrent system" and had to chuckle as if it were one of those beware of dog signs or maybe it was just a last ditch effort to stop the castration by locking himself in the car. lol th_031.jpg


  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited March 2011
    I would definitely say that is what he was trying to do(snigger,snigger):D
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