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need your help

Bonnie ThewBonnie Thew Junior Member
edited February 2011 in Vets and Producers
I have had several of my sows who have suddenly started to have the rectums push out and the sow has trouble walking with hind legs and then within a couple of weeks they can't stand up and I have had to put them down. Can someone tell me what is causing this or what the illment is called. We do not have a large animal vet near us and I don't seem to be able to fine any information.
Thank you


  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited February 2011
    Hi Bonnie, this condition is know as a "Rectal Prolapse", and can be caused by several factors:
    1. Nutrition ie a diet low in fibre.
    2. A lack of water.
    3. Your tpye of housing ie in the use of stalls and farrowing crates with parallel bars at the back.
    4. Wet conditions.
    5. Constipation, which rales back to nutrition ie feeding bran before farrowing and after and a diet low in fibre.
    6. Respiratory diseases ie Pneumonia
    7. Diarrhoea ie continually straining.
    To get a full picture of all the facts click on "Show Menu" ,"Knowlege Centre", "Pig diseases", "the Prolapse of the rectum" and have a good read.
    Any more questions about this problem then just get back to us on this site.
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