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Boar to sow after weaning, How long??

DingoDingo Junior Member
edited February 2011 in Vets and Producers
Hi all,
We run a small but effective piggery in N E Thailand, although I'm an Aussie moved over here with previous farming experience. We run 30 sows in both pens and free range. Results are good so far after 1 years operatiion. However, I'm curious to see how others rotate the sows. After weaning, 21 - 28 days old, we give the sow 1 months break to recuperate and gain weight again before going back to the boar. Does this improvement in condition justify the wait in terms of more eggs produced giving bigger litters or is it better to go on her next cycle after weaning??? I bet there's some differing views on this! Thanks in advance of your responses.


  • DingoDingo Junior Member
    edited February 2011
    Thanks Blonde
    I suspected as much. As we've only been going around 12 months, I was hoping to acheive large litters in order to recoup some of th emoney spent on the new piggery and infrastrucre. In the back of my mind I thought by leaving the sow to gain condition, it may have improved the egg count. Now I think I'll try your suggestion and put them to the boar on the next cycle. As you say..... it's a commercial piggery and it has to acheive reults.
    Thanks for your comments.:) By the way, how's the conditions in Nyabing now after the long dry spell? Hope you have a better season this year, after all, you're in a usually pretty safe area. Good luck to all the West Aussies and our thoughts are with all those over in the east too after the devasting weather conditions. Take care, Dingo
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited February 2011
    "Flush feeding"(as much as she can eat, normally 5kg and a Lactating diet) from weaning and timing of service aid to maximise litter size.
    Eg. wean Thursday, try your sows each day with a boar(run him in front of your sows for 5 mins., then remove. Try every sow with a boar Monday and if they stand on Monday serve am or pm, the reserve 24 hours later on Tuesday am or pm. If she is not standing well on Monday(am) morning serve on the pm, then maybe on Tuedays(am??)but definitely pm.
    Its a question of finding out what works best for you!!!!!!
    Two serves has always worked best for us, but some do 3(am,pm,am or am,am,am or pm,pm,pm).
  • DingoDingo Junior Member
    edited February 2011
    Thanks for the reply Blonde, I suspected that might be the case to put the sow back to the boar soon after weaning. As it's our first year and we were trying to acheive maximum returns and hoping the condition of the sow would give larger litters, but apparently we've just wasted a bit of time. Still, that's our learning curve and we'll start to implement your suggestions as soon as we can. We have a good nutritional plan in place and so far the condition of all pigs is very good, so it won't be a problem to go directly after weaning. By the way, how did the severe storms over there affect you in Nyabing? Hopefully, you and your's are all ok? Here's hoping that 2011 brings a better season than 2010. Nyabing is usually a fairly safe part of WA, so good luck this year. Thanks again.
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