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pile of dead piglets.

BlueButtBlueButt Senior Member
edited December 2010 in Vets and Producers
I was wondering if someone could help. I have just seen a pile of dead piglets this morning. My sow had them over night and they still have their boots on. They were obviously were borne dead. They appear quite normal, but they have not opened their eyes and they have not stood up. They still have the sac around them. One by one she has just pushed them out.....what a sad state of affairs. Her milk bag is not full ......what could there be wrong. Does any body have any explanation for this problem. There are no Mummified piglets either, as i said they look like they all asleep but they are all dead...............................frustrated hobbyist!!!!


  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited December 2010
    It may just be she was unable to hold them full term, or maybe a pig was blocking the passage way so they couldn't come out, or possibly a disease problem, or a nutritional problem.
    One things for sure, I won't be keeping her to breed from her again. Too risky.
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited December 2010
    blonde wrote:
    Thought you might have more of an explanation to this problem that bluebutt has encountered. Being the "know it all" of the pig world on this site this is an interesting subject to get wound up on......Stevie. This is not unlike the question that Nobby Norris put on here some time ago and you just ignored that one as well.... may be you are not the most brilliant pig person after all....Or are you just holding out for now!!!! :D

    Could be anything. There is not enough information, and the best thing to do is to get the abortion analysed or take a blood sample to see if it is a disease problem, but that of course needs to be done sooner rather than later, otherwise nothing will show.
    Could just be that the sow was not up to it, as with some women, so not sure what you really want me to say.
    Maybe there is a dificiency in certain minerals or vits. in the diet.
    Theres always more Blonde, you know me, just not enough info. and not there to see the sequence of events ie as too much sun, lots of thunder at night, and so on..............
    One thing is for certain for me, I would not breed from it again(but others would)!!!!!!!
    You guess is possibly as good as mine!!!!!!
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited December 2010
    You now down in history Mr C Norris, as the name matches the attitude. Take away the attitude and the name would not exit!!!!
    Obviously didn't get flooded out and/or the harvest ended up good and/or pig prices have skyrocketed!!!!!! Must be a good reason for you being in such a good mood?????????????
    What your saying is precisely my point, it could be anything, lots of disease cause abortions, might have eaten mouldy food, etc, etc... One thing is for certain, and for once you may agree, a sow like this would not be bred from again(which I understand is not the intention anyway!!!!!!)
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited December 2010
    If its only one sow then I wouldn't worry but if its lots of sows aborting and/or returning then that is a different story all together. Then you would get tests done, but not just for the one sow.
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