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Channel 4 Animals Programme

MavTVMavTV Junior Member
edited May 2010 in Pig Tales and Stories
Hi Moderators, I hope you don't mind me posting this on here!

Do you own or know of an animal with an embarrassing behaviour problem or persistent medical condition?

Perhaps you’ve got an oversexed dog that gets a little too familiar when your friends come to call? Maybe your moggy has an unfortunate case of the piles? Do you have pig with a prolapse or a sheep with flystrike?

Or maybe you’re dealing with the utterly bizarre - a horse with narcolepsy? A goat with no fur? Or a rabbit that thinks it’s a dog?

Channel 4 is looking for all these and more for a brand new television series. If you’d like to receive free consultations and advice and possibly treatment from some leading animal experts whilst simultaneously helping to raise awareness about these conditions then get in touch.

Please email us with a detailed description of your pet, their name and problem, plus a phone number to contact you on to animals@mavericktv.co.uk or call 0121 224 8314
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