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johnjo410johnjo410 Junior Member
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I have no experience with pigs but am interested in getting some. I live on a farm and we have a suitable corner of a field for them. I am just wondering what would be the best approach. Whether to buy some piglets and fatten them to sell the meat or to go down the breeding route. Whatever the decision it will only be very small scale. I was also wondering what the best breed of pig would be and a rough idea of costings.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,


  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited June 2010
    blonde wrote:
    Read this site and ask lots of questions. Pick up a couple of pigs and give it a go!!

    If you purchase piglets they need the correct diet(creep or starter feed) and keeping warm(approx 28 Degrees C) A pig arc/sow hut, some hurdles, straw, plastic flaps would be the easiest way to go if you wish to do it. If you need more info. just let us know.
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited June 2010
    blonde wrote:
    Gee Stevie......28 degrees...bit difficult when outside, but hey...... there are ways around keeping pigs in good order as well as warm and dry.....

    Minus 28 flipping degrees in your "wind tunnels" and that why they take so long to grow!!!!!!!!!!! And no its not difficult outside if you have the right accomodation! Start getting with it Blonde and your pigs will then grow far better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The accommodation does not need to be on concrete either, but on soil. For the few farrowing you have per week(3 0r 4) you would be better off with a sow hut(s) and a few hurdles(and plastic flaps) than what you use, so get with the bloody times, for christ sake you hill billie!(Ho,Ho)
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited June 2010
    blonde wrote:
    I dont use "wind tunnels" I grow a little differently to most of the large producers out there in this wide world of Oz...My pigs do quite well, they are warm and snug at night and have good bedding. I dont grow on concrete but on soil. The hay that I put in has good composting and during the night steam rises from the bedding and keeps the pigs nice and warm. The bedding is also warm to hot to touch so dont have back fat troubles.
    I use sow huts to farrow in and these again have the bedding with in, to give the hut a sense of warmth and the piglets do fine in these as well.
    Dont need plastic flaps. I am very much up with the times thanks Stevie and the latest of what is going on in the pig world. by the way I might be a "hill billie" but at least the farm runs well.......
    So what do you house your weaners/fatteners in if you do use those "tents"?
    And what does "quite well" mean? What are your growth rates? Are pigs would get to market in 24 weeks. Gilts at 102kg and Boars at 106kg.
    I bed Sows in chopped straw and when weaned, burn the beds. Did the same when I worked over there.
    WA pig farmers need a good adviser to tell them how to get good results outdoors, as I know no outdoor piggery over there that is performing well.
    Spoke to a friend last week and he does not believe that you are doing such good figures as you say. Can you explain to me why you are a cut above the rest. Where are they going wrong? I have my own ideas, but am interested to hear yours, so enlighten me!
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