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  •  may be she needs to lose some weight....
  • then give her a second chance.  it might have been parvo virus that was your problem.
    in To cull or not? Comment by blonde May 26
  • I would keep the two gilts and buy a boar and breed with them and sell the piglets when weaned as spit pigs...good money for around a 30 kg pig...and very little grain has gone in to get them there as most of it has been mothers milk
  • when using Ivomectin it can be adjusted even for the tiniest of pigs.   We had a mange problem here and baby pigs also got a shot of it but it had to be adjusted down to their weight.    the pens were also sprayed out to kill all of the mange insect…
  • If she has babies  on her they should now be old enough to go for a walk.... home...but i would certainly go over the other side of the creek for a look...take a bucket of feed with you and see if you can find her you get sows like that that just w…
    in List sow Comment by blonde October 2016
  • Obviously she has not been penned in with an electric fence...hence she is out......first problem second problem...where  has she gone........long grass and that is where  I would have my piglets....quiet, secure, shady........ plent…
    in List sow Comment by blonde October 2016
  • why not visit a piggery in Australia that has a very high health herd status and learn to grow pigs properly?  instead of putting them inside in crates......pigs were not born inside ever.......
  • how the chooks Steve?
  • crush
  • very interesting....but with very short stays at each place
  • I would say they are not used to your herd bugs, You have introduced them  in to your pigs without being in quarantine for 4 - 6 weeks. when bringing pigs in to your farm you should always always have a separate pen for them so they can be seen b…
    in Pigs Dead Comment by blonde May 2016
  • better to use it when there is trouble to help quieten them down.......farrowing  for example
    in Hog Diet Comment by blonde April 2016
  • I never eat a sick or injured or arthritic pig..... I always have the best pig in the paddock....I sell good pigs and if they look unwell i pull them aside and that is once in a "blue moon"  I run free range, free of hormones, drugs, chemicals and v…
  • just trying to get conversation going on this site....... and there does not seem to be any interest
  • why where are you going thought you were pleased to register now  you are going..... pity...can be lonely on here without any one else to talk to
  • who are you chatting to...what sort of pigs do you keep?  seeing your are so pleased you registered........ why not type instead of chatting on the phone?
  • that is fine BUT you dont answer?
  • pig site is quiet pity really, been on here over the last few months for a half  hour here and there and there is not much activity...obviously no  one got problems or they think they know it all ! .
  • Been busy Steve...trying to get my pig registered amongst other things  Have got a new idea....... get a society going here in WA invite a few individuals to come view and taste and to contract grow the numbers and then get it hopefully registered. …
  • been breeding red saddles for 20 years...... when a  white is a dam and a brown/red is a sire you will get the whites making up most of the colour and the colour and the minor colour will be ginger....... that being the case it can be a saddle and i…
  • dont see why not but a little bit is better to start with than a lot in case you make him sick
  • you a red pig involved to get a red piglet  if you cross a white with a blue butt you will get all blue butts but if you add a red to it you will get red butts blue butts and whites
  • prolapse was he actually drinking properly or just drinking enough and straining?
  • can you put a photo of her on for a look please
  • stresnil will make the pig  lay quietly and for you to pull out the quills without a flinch from her..good stuff works wonders
  •  In there ear. ..... some are electronic and sit inside the ear....... others are on the outside of the ear and can be notched for numbers, and colour can be used for age of pig
  •  contact a vet for advice.... if all the other pigs in the pen are fine might be a problem which may spread.
  •  pen him on the grass and that way he wont be able to pee on your back porch.
  • why not try  housing weaned sow next door to  one that has piglets   Best would have been to wait till smaller litter was ready to wean and wean the two sows together..  or put the sows piglets back with her till the other is ready or run the t…

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