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what should i do with two gilts?

Howdy folks, 

I have a decision to make and wanted the opinion of those who are more experienced at this than myself. I have 2 gilts about a yea and a half old. I leased a boar to breed them. It died, and neither seem pregnant, base on the direction their pointy thing on there hoo ha points. It points down and I read that means no.  Should I butcher them, and  start over, or are they still viable and I just need to buy a boar?  Any ideas or expeiences to help me?


  • blonde Senior Member
    I would keep the two gilts and buy a boar and breed with them and sell the piglets when weaned as spit pigs...good money for around a 30 kg pig...and very little grain has gone in to get them there as most of it has been mothers milk
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