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Vaccine or genetics ?

hampy Junior Member
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Hi Guys ,
I had serious problems in weaner and fattening stages untill i started to use the merial circo vac sow vacine which was 95 % effective in weaners but i would say only 75 % effective in the fattening stage , so i went onto the circaflex which i have found to be excellent BUT 20 % of my young gilts from 20 to 75 kgs are really getting a diesease challenge ( hairy , lack growth and coughing )even though they are vaccinated they dont die but defo lose the bloom of there tempo class mates and some go so bad i cannot keep them , i have been using hermitage for breeding replacements but now have changed all to top pigs ... Anyone else experience this ??


Ps have really found a % of hampshire in the terminal sire is also making positive impact as in my opinion pure hampshire has not enough confirmation and pure pietrin should be illegal... so many problems to mention . Tempo , duroc and hamshire cross doing excellent job here


  • Stevie G Super Moderator
    edited February 2010
    What are you doing differently with the gilts than the boars? Are they being housed in adifferernt building. I ask this as gilts and boar where seperated on my last piggery, boar accommodation being far better than gilt. Are your gilts problems PPRS related??? Are you treating your gilts with drugs for secondary infections ie Pneumonia, and if not why not????? Is your vaccianation of gilts the same as boars???? If thats the case then gilts should respond the same, no matter what bred. There must be something different?????????????????????
    Is a different person gilt vaccinating? Are you doing it at a different time???? Are your fans working well in the gilt fattening house???????? Are your room temperature being kept constant???????????? More infomation needed?????????? Are you purchasing your gilts from the same health status, pre-exposed and pre-vaccinated???????????
  • blonde Senior Member
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    Have you got inbreeding in your herd...hence you are having so much trouble.
  • Stevie G Super Moderator
    edited February 2010
    If it were inbreeding, surely the boars, having the same genetics, would have a problem too? Inbreeding shouldn't be done on a commercial unit, and is an unnecessary option. Breeding companies do it for a reason, mainly to focus on specific traits.
  • Stevie G Super Moderator
    edited August 2010
    arunthamil said:
    There was a pilot study in 1998 that suggested there might be a link. However, this study's results were never observed in any larger studies. Additionally, the lead author Andrew Wakefield had two undisclosed conflicts of interests, one with trial lawyers wanting to sue for vaccine damages and a patent on a competing measles vaccine. He likely fabricated data and he did violate medical ethics and will probably lose his license. Every other author pulled their name from the paper and the journal formally retracted it.

    Note that other major claim of the antivaccinationists, that thimerosal causes autism has also be debunked, given that the preservative hasn't been in childhood vaccines in nine years.

    Evidence that vaccines work:…

    Sanitation has no effect on the spread of airborne pathogens such as measles. The incidence of disease only dropped with the introduction of the vaccine. Antivaxxers lie.

    Edit: Vaccines are not 100% effective. Immunity does wane over time. Given that >95% of the population is vaccinated, 30% of cases in an epidemic being from unvaccinated individuals perfectly shows the efficacy of vaccines.

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    Which is why you give a booster jab, so that it doesn't wane. And of course nothing is 100%, but it still makes a major difference if animals/humans are vaccined, as apposed to not vaccinated, so whats you point!!!!!!!!!
  • BlueButt Senior Member
    edited August 2010
    Stevie G said:
    Which is why you give a booster jab, so that it doesn't wane. And of course nothing is 100%, but it still makes a major difference if animals/humans are vaccined, as apposed to not vaccinated, so whats you point!!!!!!!!!
    comments like these help the small enthusiast that keeps just a few pigs....that is why this site is so helpful....
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