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gilts milk supply

4-H Dad4-H Dad Junior Member
edited January 2010 in General Pig Health
We just had our first litter of york pigs . When she first farrowed she didnt have milk. I was told to give her a shot of oxytocin, milk followed shortly after.But she will not keep milk in unless I giver her a shot .Can i keep giving her oxytocin or is there something else to do?


  • nicksdigsnicksdigs Senior Member
    edited January 2010
    You don't say how old the piglets are now but if they are near two weeks I'd try to get them on medicated milk replacer but they need to be fed every two to three hours if they are looking in bad shape. I'd figure a couple of ounces per piglet and as they start cleaning it up increase ounces. As they get older and in better shape up the ounces to four/per and strech out the time to every three to four hours and get them on a creep feed or 18% or higher protien pig feed. Keep uping ounces on milk to over 8 and by then they should be around 5 weeks old then drop back to three times a day for feeding. If they are not two weeks I'd keep giving sow shots of oxytocin and maybe a treatment of penicillin. I've never had this problem so these are my best guess's. Stevie G--blonde--Bluebutt- and others will have better advice as they are more exsperienced in these manners. I'd probably cull that sow and not keep any of her litter for breeding. Hope this helps or gets you by untill the "old timers" chime in. Please keep us posted.
  • 4-H Dad4-H Dad Junior Member
    edited January 2010
    They were born Jan. 9 early am .They seem to be ok on what they are getting for now.
  • rootsafricarootsafrica Senior Member
    edited January 2010
    Gilts often don't have a huge milk output - it improves over the second and third litter, as should 'weaned litter weight'. That said, gilts should easily be able to sustain their litter so long as they have free access to water and are well fed - you mentioned the piglets were doing OK? Gilts also experience stress and udder pain as they have never been full of milk before - when they realise that letting milk down to suckle actually helps they start doing it more naturally. They need to learn...
    First Option: You can stimulate milk let-down by vigorously (but with care) stroking the udder across its full length (from front teat to back teat) with a bare open hand. Do this when the gilt is lying on its side, and you will notice she stretches out and almost immediately milk is produced - put the piglets on straight away. Repeat frequently for a few days.
    Second Option: You can keep giving oxytocin, but when you do this, make sure to put all piglets on the udder immediately and let them suckle as much as possible.
    Putting effort into assisting a gilt through its first litter can pay dividends in the long term, but sometimes it requires too much input and the gilts is better off culled.
  • 4-H Dad4-H Dad Junior Member
    edited January 2010
    As of last night had milk on her own and still this morning.Thanks for the replies.
  • jimhiltonjimhilton Senior Member
    edited January 2010
    You need to also realize that she will only have milk when she is "calling" her pigs to eat. Many times people don't think the sow/gilt is milking as they are checking her before she calls them to eat. Best way to know if she is milking enough is to watch the babies and their condition.
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited January 2010
    Condition tells you every thing. If their not skinny their being feed.
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