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Is it safe to eat a pig with Mycoplasma Artritis

ShelbycobraShelbycobra Junior Member
edited January 2010 in Vets and Producers

I am sure my pig has mycoplasma arthiritis. I will be treating him with lincomycin as directed. Unfortunately I did not recognize the diagnosis and he has been lame for several months. I was planning to have him butchered in the next two weeks. Are there any contraindications to eating a pig that has this condition?


  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited January 2010
    This disease response well to Tiamutin and Lincomycin(which your using). Make sure you follow the instruction exactly when treating any pig to make sure it works effectively. If the problem hasn't totally clear, then continue for a few days more, and/or change to another drug. Lincocin has only a 1 day withdrawal(?), where as Tiamutin has a longer period, 18 days(?), which means that it is not fit for human consumtion until after this time period. Do this correctly and you pig will be good to eat. I must add, even if you didn't, I very much doubt that you would catch what the pig has, but if your looking for peace of mind, then treat, allow for withdrawal, then it will be good after that.
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