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miscarriage in pig

wilmerwilmer Junior Member
edited January 2010 in General Pig Health
hi there i have a pig who today had a miscarraige. she has been limping for a few days but has been eating fine so we wernt too worried. Today i noticed she was laying down alot and away from the other pigs. when she does get up she is limping and is uncoordinated and wobbly on her feet. When i went out to feed, i noticed her sack with the dead piglets in on the ground. they wernt very big, only maybe 2 inches. she is still eating but still not walking properly and just seems depressed and jumpy. any suggestions on what could be wrong with her. I know its not the boar as he has serviced our other sows with no problems. This is her 1st litter with us, but apparntly she had had 1 litter before.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • nicksdigsnicksdigs Senior Member
    edited December 2009
    Pigs are very hardy but very demanding in their vitamin and mineral needs. Even if you are feeding a commerical feed and all your other pigs are doing ok this pig may not be getting enough certain vitamins or minerals. The wobbley walk and miscarriage can all be caused by vitamin or mineral shortages. I know I preach this a lot and large commerical growers don't usually see these problems. But large piggerys usually mix their own feed and and pay close attention to their mixes and their herds are from long lines of stock that have weeded out the poorer stock. I would start adding vitamin and minerals to your feed to see if this cures the problem. It's a fairly cheap fix---we run about 16-20 large pigs and a 5 lb bag of minerals has lasted more than two years--we use a salt shaker to sprinkle on their feed a couple of times a week--don't go crazy because they only absorb what they need and cannot store in body. Hope this helps. Please keep us posted as to outcome.
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited December 2009
    The fact that she has is limping, stiff, etc., may have caused this sow to miscarry. The reason she is limping could well be that she has an infection in her foot caused by Brucellosis, clostridial, streptoccocal, or mycoplasmic,etc., which if left untreated, will cause her to end up like this. A pregnant sow requires 10L/day+, and you may believe that she's getting enough food and water, but the true reality is, is that this is probably not the case, which is why she's ended up like this. What this sow needs is a course of antibiotics a.s.a.p ( and an anti-inflamatory ie Metacam), to sort her leg problem out. You may have left this sow untreated for too long, but you must try too get her well, so drugs are needed. Ideally she would need removing from her pen mates, but treat her in the pen and see what happens, and if she doesn't get better, then isolate her. Make sure you stand this sow up twice a day, and give water and feed out of a bucket if needs be, inorder to enable her to get better.
    Any sow that has been served, I would not leave in with the boar, but remove him, and just run him in the pen daily to check for any return, so don't have the boar running constantly with served sows, as he may have caused this problem, simply by jumping on her too much(?)
    As nicksdigs has suggested any deficiency in vits and minerals can cause lameness in a sow, and it can cause them also to miscarrage. Are you feeding a proper, balanced diet?
    Certain diseases can also cause a sow to miscarry ie Erysipelis, etc., but I think her problem is related to her lameness, which needs putting right if you wish to try putting her back inpig(?)
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited January 2010
    It will if its treated quick enough, and maybe sprayed if there is a crack or sore on/in the clay or foot. The pig can also be isolated and put on straw as another resort.
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