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PMWS across Europe

jsegalesjsegales Junior Member
edited June 2009 in PMWS and PDNS
This e-mail is just to create some debate, but basically to get information from veterinarians across Europe. I would like to ask colleagues about the current status of PMWS in their respective countries.
For example, in Spain, PMWS was highly prevalent during 1998-2003, but its incidence has decreased during last 3 years and severe clinical outcomes observed earlier are nowadays observed only sporadically. On the other hand, mortality levels of the postweaning (nursery + fattening) area have not been fully recovered, so, it is possible that some "unnoticed" or "undiagnosed" PMWS is still going on significantly in some farms. Which is the situation in your country or your practice?
Very best regards and I thank you in advance for your contributions,

(Joaquim Segales)
Centre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal (CReSA)
Facultat de Veterinaria
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona (Spain)


  • derekarmstrongderekarmstrong Junior Member
    edited January 2008
    Information on Porcine Circovirus Diseases and on current research is available at www.pcvd.org, the website of “The Control of Porcine Circovirus Diseases (PCVDs): Towards Improved Food Quality and Safety” research programme funded by the EU Sixth Framework Programme.

  • LefkosLefkos Junior Member
    edited February 2008
    I am a recently employed to Cyprus state veterinary services and I was asked through a letter I received a month ago to help in determining the epidemiologic status of my district (Larnaca) on PCV2 and PMWS in particular.
    I had some experience with PMWS and PDNS from 2005 when I was working in Hungary. Till now I didn't observe any signs suggesting PMWS, even though I am visiting farms shown to have high titers of PCV2 antibodies.

    I will be very happy to share my findings with you in the feature.
  • eminesheminesh Junior Member
    edited June 2009
    hi dear friend

    it me eminesh .i am just join this forum . anyway i am like to thank you for giving me such a good information regarding the problem that not fully recovered, and i want information about PMWS was highly prevalent during 1998-2003.i hope you answer me .
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  • BlueButtBlueButt Senior Member
    edited June 2009
    Stevie G wrote:
    And hopefully you never will, as the problems you get are not good. Most people ended up managing their pigs differently, as a result "batch farrowing" came, and "all in, all out", which probably did wonders for their growth rates, etc, so it probably wasn't all bad.
    What do you mean by batch farrowing.....what is all in all out. Do they shift farms I mean the pigs. Or are they sold and the place cleaned out and you strart again
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