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Can I give my pregnant sow cows milk???

piggiespiggies Junior Member
edited January 2010 in General Pig Health
My sow is pregnant, and close to having her piglets, would it be ok to give her some cows milk for the calcium? I was going to add some water to it just to dilute it a little. I hurd you can give them yoghurt and cheese, but with milk being the cheaper of the options , I was wondering if that would be ok to give her?
Thanks :)


  • sixb49bratsixb49brat Junior Member
    edited October 2009
    I give her milk all the time.Your mama will love you for it.I think you should spoil her as much as you can.Put yourself in her shoes, you would like to be spoiled too!!To her it's a treat.
  • nicksdigsnicksdigs Senior Member
    edited January 2010
    Check with others but many farmers who purchase piglets from us raise the pigs on milk that they cannot ship--from freshened cows or cows who have been treated with penicillin--along with a grain and raise some of the whitest sweetest pork ever. And we feed our sows this milk--a gallon or so per day and they seem to like it soured or curdled better-- pre-farrow and while the piglets are nursing, the piglets usually are in the milk bowl by two weeks of age. When they first get the milk it sometimes causes some lite scours as it is a rich feed but they adjust. If selling the pork or if someone is allergic to penicillin stop feding the milk 40 days pre-slaughter to clear pigs system of penicillin.
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