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They are so smart aren't they

specklesspeckles Junior Member
edited June 2009 in Pig Tales and Stories
This is probably no big thing to you but I am impressed. I swear Speckles thinks she is a dog.

1. My 8 week old PBP taught herself go through the dog door after only one attempt watching my Chihuhua go out. Now she goes in and out every 2 minutes just to try it out.

2. I have a ramp for my small dogs to climb on to my bed since they are older, I was amazed when yesterday she came in watched the dog climb on and followed shortly after and made herself comfortable. Then she let herself down when she woke from her nap.

3. I took out one of those sound speaker things from a dog toy. It was a duck that quacks. It sounds somewhat like a pig. I pressed it for the heck of it and Speckles comes running. So now I use it to get her to come to me. Maybe she thinks its another pig. It's a hoot.

She still doesn't let me near her or touch her without a big squealing fit. I work with her everyday for at least an hour keeping her in a dog playpen with me in it trying to pet her and pick her up.


  • BlueButtBlueButt Senior Member
    edited June 2009
    Stevie G wrote:
    Your only farrowing 4 a week, so it's hardly a problem. When your farrowing 55 a week, then you may understand. I used to do evening checks ever night anyway, just in case, and if I had any doubts about a sow, I would shut it in at night. Always pays to be one step ahead with the little beggers, because if you give them an inch they'll take a mile! What you've never had any farrow outside! Do not believe it for one minute!

    What happens when they farrow outside?

    Sure the pig makes a nest. I know I only farrow one,...... but on ocaisions she farrows outside and makes an awesome nest and suckles her babies until they are absolutely full, then leaves them to sleep and she goes and has a feed, a poo and a pee and then returns to hungry mouths. What is so unsettling about that...... now Stevie G.

    Blonde seems to know what she/he is doing as I read both hers/his and your threads, except for the one you deleted. Blonde seems to have a few good ideas about what is expected in the piggery, but who am I to compare... with only one sow and certainly not the experience that you both have....I am sure blonde runs a good piggery and gets good results. :)
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