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Hi, I'm New

shana0923shana0923 Junior Member
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Hi everyone I am new here and wanted to get some info please. We are about to start getting ready to get at least 2 pigs for food. I have been reading and researching for days and wanted to ask you if there is any info that I just can't do without. Any info that has helped you or that you wished someone had told you before you got pigs. I want to do the things the right way and the best way for the pigs. We live on 11 acres and have 2 horse pastured on 3 of them. 6 acres is wooded and brush andsome of that is cleared off. We have a garden spot but can't put them there yet as we are growing our crops...lol. So my thought was can we use electric fence to seperate big areas in the wooded parts of the property and switch them from area to area as they clean up some of the weeds and brush. or will they actually clean up the brush? We have a lot of stumps too. Can they do anything with those or do they need to be removed first? I know that they will turn their water over to wallow in too but some of the land that we have is wet and we also have a creek that runs, will they like this? I am not sure what else to ask at the moment but I am sure i will think of more. i will appreciate all answers and all info you guys share with me. Thanks in advance.


  • shana0923shana0923 Junior Member
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    Thanks for so much help, guess I will look for a forum where I might get some answers. Shame too because this seemed like a nice, welcoming, helpful forum. Have a blessed day!
  • rhodierhodie Senior Member
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    Hi Shana, and welcome to the forum, I hope you haven't left permenantly!! I have been away for a few days showing visiting family around the area and so have not been online.
    Find out about an appropriate vaccination program for your area, and find a reputable breeer to supply good quality healthy stock for you to raise, many a potential stock keeper has been sold diseased or inferior stock which has led to heartbreak for the amateur stock. Rotating your pigs over ground you wish to clear and fertilise behind a two strand electric stock fence is a proven way to achieve this, but you need to fence train your new pigs first. There is no need to clear stumps before stocking with pigs, they will happily forage between the stumps, I have some pigs and all the wild boar in established woodland where they thrive. They love to wallow, but still need a supply of clean drinking water in a suitable trough, they will turn over the damp soil and use this area for coolin off in hot weather, a dry, bedded hut is essential for sleeping in, and for cold and wet weather. They will muddy your creek, so if you have fish stocked, you might want to fence them away from riperian areas, it might even be illegal to allow them access to a creek, you need to check your local regulations.
    Hope this helps for a start, further questions are welcome, everyone seems to have been away while I was "touring" usually someone is on line to answer enquiries such as yours.
    Regards, Rhodie.
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