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Sow farrowed 14 days ago - off feed and vomiting

My Kune Kune sow had a litter of 5 on August 21. All has gone well until yesterday. I had already given her feed and when she didn't get up, that's when I knew something was wrong. She had no interest in food and i noticed a small amount of regurgitated feed in the pen. I did see her drink, so I let her out to walk around some. She drank again and that is when she regurgitated a considerable amount twice. She is mopey and again this morning is off her feed. The vet won't be out till late this afternoon, so i thought i would hit the net for feedback. Also want to mention that she couldn't have gotten into anything odd, except I did feed her a WHOLE COB OF CORN and I'm worried about a blockage.
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