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Three types of PVC 2

blonde Senior Member
edited March 2015 in PMWS and PDNS
What are the three types of PCV2 - PCV2 a,b,c is prevalent within the UK in cases of PMWS and which is in otherwise healthy pigs? pig/disorders/lymphatic/pcv2virus/pcv2virus:htm


  • derekarmstrong Junior Member
    edited February 2009
    Work in Ireland (and elsewhere) has shown that prior to 2002/2003 there was a predominance of the PCV2a (eg 424, Stoon 1010) genotypes in PMWS affected and non-affected farms. There was a sudden (from virology, epidemiology and spread perspective) jump in 2002/2003 to the PCV2b (eg 321, 48285) genotypes of virus in both affected and non-affected herds, with a few dual infections going on (321/424) in the same animal.

    In GB there seems to be similar pattern, although the analysis is still ongoing. Post 2002/3 it would appear that normal and diseased farms are infected almost exclusively with the PCV2b strains (321) wheras pre 2002/03 normal and diseased farms were infected with the PCV2a (424) strains.

    There appears to be a similar pattern all around the world but it is not clear why this has happened.

  • Yakult Junior Member
    edited January 2011
    Yeah, how can I tell the difference between PMWS and Ileitis? I know my pig has something, but I can't tell :/
  • BlueButt Senior Member
    edited January 2011
    Yakult said:
    Yeah, how can I tell the difference between PMWS and Ileitis? I know my pig has something, but I can't tell :/
    Why not approach a vet?
  • Stevie G Super Moderator
    edited January 2011
    Pigs with PMWS in the worst case scenario waste away, and/or have diarheorra, where as pigs with Illeistis tend to suddeny drop dead(worse case) and grow alot slower.
    PMWS is a virus and can't be treated with drugs, and exposes the pig to secondary infections, and these are what you treat.
    Illeitis is a bacteria and can be treated with drugs and the pigs vaccinated against it.
  • Stevie G Super Moderator
    edited October 2011
    blonde said:
    Is there a vaccine that lasts for PMWS or does it have to be given yearly?

    Circovac is the vaccine and a double shot to gilts, then each time at weaning I would presume.
    Never used it, so you would need to read the instructions.:D
  • rbgumti Junior Member
    edited March 2015
    I think Ingelvac circoflex is the best vaccine for PCV2 :given only once prior to weaning.
  • Begather Junior Member
    rbgumti you are right the Ingelvac is the best one if you compare with other one. 

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