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Lis RavnLis Ravn Junior Member
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Many farms that have had a problem with PMWS and that have managed to reduce the levels of mortality in pigs up to 12 weeks of age now have a problem with losses in older pigs. Pigs are dying from over 60kg up to the point of slaughter when most of the costs of producing these pigs have already been incurred. Is this PDNS and/or does it involve Porcine Circovirus 2? Is this happening in the rest of Europe? Can the PCVD project team offer any advice to farmers on teh control and management of these losses? Are there any farmers who can share their experience on what they have done to try and reduce deaths and losses - what worked for you and what didn't work?



  • derekarmstrongderekarmstrong Junior Member
    edited September 2006

    My impression is that "classical" Porcine Dermatitis Nephropathy Syndrome or PDNS, that is, the form with large haemorrhages under the skin and throughout the body is much less common now than it was in 1999-2000. But if there are farmers or vets that are seeing this form it would be good to hear from them on this forum.

    Many people do call wasting pigs which die before 12-14 weeks PMWS cases and those older pigs that die later PDNS cases. But many of these older pigs are affected by a syndrome of late-onset respiratory complex disease with pigs getting severe pneumonia or dying suddenly in the finishing period. PCV2 may well be involved but in conjunction with a mix of PRRS, APP, EP and other organisms like Haemophilus, Pasteurellas etc.

    In most cases there is not a simple or single answer and it needs to be thoroughly investigated - ie spend the equivalent of 5 of these dead pigs on a laboratory investigation.

    In East Anglia the Veterinary Laboratories Agency did have a look at pigs from a number of farms last year with high mortality in growers and finishers. It would be good if someone from VLA could comment.

    My impression is that this problem tends to get worse in autumn and winter so any practical comments from farmers or vets on how they tackle the problem would help those who may be losing up to 20% of some batches of their pigs at a very expensive stage of production.
  • duarte@can.rogers.comduarte@can.rogers.com Junior Member
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    Dear Lys: Pigs dying from over 60 kgs up to slaughter should be post-mortem and that, in most cases will show why the pig died. I have seen cases of PDNS (nephropathy syndrome) along with clear cases of APP, HPS, A.Suis, MYCOPLASMA (EP over there) and others, including cases of Salmonella. The new PCV2 vaccines probably will help to alleviate the problem ( We hope so ! ) but we have to wait until a full circle demonstrate that to be the case. Right now it is too early to be positive, but we should be optimistic. By the way, PDNS and circovirus are, for all practical purposes, one and the same.
    Suggestions on how to control or remediate the problem?: Too many for the space allowed on this window.
    Duarte Santos DVM - Angola - Swine specialist - Canada.
  • Erik NorregardErik Norregard Junior Member
    edited April 2007
    Dear Duarte
    I have two slaugther-farms with allmost identical problems. Pigs die 45 to 60 days after entering the barn at an appoximate age of 10 weeks. The symptoms are classical PDNS.
    So I would be very happy to hear any sugestion on how to avoid this.

    Erik Norregard
  • ChunkyChunky Senior Member
    edited October 2008
    Hi folks. As most of the UK has suffered with this problem for a few years it has been fantastic to have a vaccine that really works well. We give two vaccines at weaning. Circoflex and M.hyo mortality is reduced by up to 10% and finishing time by upto 2 weeks. PWMS and PDNS is really a problem of the past. You may like to read the article on the forum of this site PWMS and PDNS are covered in full.
  • BlueButtBlueButt Senior Member
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    Stevie G wrote:
    Generally myself!
    Blonde asked who you were talking to and you wrote genrally myself....dont you talk on this site to others like me and any one else who puts a plea out for some help!!
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