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I found a pig!

GunnyGunny Junior Member
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Hi everyone. I just signed up on the site to ask some questions and get some information. I live in the country and have horses and yesterday I had a new addition to my pasture....a pig! He was out standing with one of my horses and really seeming to enjoy being with him. My one horse who is very rightly named Buddy was definitely budding up to him, lol. Now my other horse is terrified of this new Pal. I tried to coax the horses down to the barn and only Buddy and the pig would come so I put the pig in one of my stalls so I could try to find his owner. 24 hours later still no luck. I reported it to the sheriffs office and no one seems to be missing him yet. I thought he might have came from the property behind me and when we got to talk to the ppl that have horses there they said it wasn't their pig but it showed up at their property back in the winter and they had been feeding it but no it wasn't their pig. Seemed like they were saying..."it's at your house, it's your pig now." So now I guess I will try to find this fella a proper home.

This is a male pig and doesn't look that old to me, not that I know the first thing about pigs though. I looked at a few pics on the web and pigs being different from horses he does look to be an intact male. He seems quite friendly like he has been treated as a pet but I'm still not totally confident around him yet. Been in the stall with him and been giving him tons of scratches which he seems to love but keeping an exit strategy ready, lol. Also went to the feed store and got him some food so he is quite the happy pig.

Anyway can anyone give me some advice. Do male pigs get aggressive? If I post a few pics would anyone be able to tell me what kind of a pig this is? Maybe have a guess at his age? Or any other advise you guys can think of or maybe warn me to watch out for until I find him a good home would be much appreciated.

Pig hanging out with his new pal Buddy. You can see my other horse is not impressed, lol.

My hubby who was giving him some good old scratches.


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    nice looking little boar hog you got there:D , looks like a yorkshire and based on what you have said about his temperment, someone is probably missing him. I am young and do not have as much experience as some other people on here but.. keep lovin on him, human interaction is key to keeping him docile. my yorshire boar is the biggest baby out of all my pigs BUT, I never let my gaurd down, always have an escape plan and do not put myself in vulnerable situations, when using him to breed, I carry the "hotshot" with me. If you don't want to keep him I would put a found ad in the local paper, his owner may be looking for him. And thank you for not killing him. I came home from school one day and found that my best sow had gotten out and I search the property for her and then i heard a gunshot.. and then a tractor start...my nieghbor had shot and killed her thinking she was a "wildhog".. :confused:

  • GunnyGunny Junior Member
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    OMG that is so awful! I'm so sorry to hear that happened to your pig.:( I can't believe someone would just shoot a pig like that without finding out if it belonged to someone, that is heartbreaking.:(

    Do pigs normally take such a fancy to other animals? This fella is really into my horse, so much so I was worried about him getting stepped on or hurt by my horse and that's why I put him in my barn. Anyone else keep pigs and horses together?

    I'm going to try to find an animal rescue to come and take him if I can find one that takes pigs around me. I really don't want to have animal control take him since they might put him to sleep if no one claims him, either that or they might take him somewhere for slotter and I don't want to see that happen to him. It's not that I'm apposed to eating meat or anything, I do know where my ham comes from and all, lol, but I have a strict rule about eating things I've petted, lol. I will check the paper too.

    Does this fella look like he is full grown or can you not tell that from a picture? If he's not full grown, how big might he get? I am guessing he is around 200 lbs or so, maybe more. I mean my Boxer (dog) is 72 lbs and he is a lot bigger than my dog! lol The horse he is next to in the pictures is a 15.2 hand quarter horse and weighs about 1,150 lbs if that helps give the pig scale. In the pictures taken with my husband the pig looks smaller in the photos than he is, maybe because my husband is in front in the shots and I'm shooting the pictures downward.

    Do ppl usually castrate male pigs that aren't being bred? With horses we usually geld (castrate) males that are not being kept for breeding since it really mellows their temperament. Are pigs that way? I have checked with the sheriffs office and no one has reported a pig missing, that's sad. The property behind me where it turns out he has been hanging out for a few months the ppl really didn't act as if they wanted to claim him at all. I don't get it, he seems like such a friendly pig. But as I said before, friendly or not I will watch myself around him for sure.
  • GunnyGunny Junior Member
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    One more question.... How many pounds of pig pellets should I feed a pig of this size daily? Is it also true pigs can eat almost anything? Or is it not good to feed him things other than the pellets? What about for treats? If he can have other foods is there anything thing he CAN'T eat?:confused:
  • TLJ0205TLJ0205 Junior Member
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    I have pigs and horses - but I try to keep them seperate. Mostly because my mare is really moody and if she is having a grumpy day I am afraid she might fatally kick one of my pigs. Betty, my duroc sow, is the only pig who really seems to enjoy the horses, the others prefer hanging out with my chickens.

    My pigs love apples, pears, and strawberry ice cream sandwhiches for treats. Most of my pigs do not like citrus of any kind, but I have one who really likes oranges. Betty enjoys dill pickles, but she is the only one who likes them. My boar, Arnold, has a major sweet tooth and really likes cookies and pastries - and like Brittany's boar - he is big love bug. Brittany is right about giving him lots of attention to get him well socialized and keep him docile - but if there is ever a pig in heat nearby - be super careful - pheremones make all mammals crazy. I keep my pigs in a pasture where they have access to a barn w/ stalls and they are very happy pigs.

    Just looking at your boar, he is probably 7 to 9 months old. Pigs grow throughout their lives as their epiphesial growth plates never close. I had a barrow as a pet and he grew to 1200 lbs w/in 3 years - I was overfeeding him and he died of heart failure. I would feed your pig about a 1/2 to 3/4 of a coffee can of pellets each morning and evening - its probably about the same amount as you feed your horses. Limit the high calorie treats, too - you don't want him to grow too fast. And be sure he has access to lots of fresh water.

    I live in NC - otherwise I would take him and give him a home. If you have questions, or want my phone number, send me an email tlj0205@ecu.edu and I will help as best as I can.

  • GunnyGunny Junior Member
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    Thank you so much for the reply. Ahhh North Carolina, it's beautiful there. I lived there for about 5 years before I moved to Indiana. It's a shame your not closer, sounds like you could give him a good home. I'm sure I will find someone soon who would like this friendly fello.

    I would be interested in keeping him myself if I had another stall. Right now he is in my older horse's stall and he is not pleased with this arrangement, lol. The horse that is. My stalls are set up so the horses can come and go from the pasture and usually they both end up in the same stall either which way but not right now. The old guy is so terrified of the pig that he won't step foot in the barn. As I type it is pouring outside and I just looked out the back door and he is standing right outside the stall door in the pouring rain. Silly boy...but he just doesn't know what to make of the new guy. lol

    So do ppl geld (castrate) male pigs? Or is that not a common practice in pigs?

    You said a 1/2 to 3/4 of a coffee can a day, are you talking about a the smaller 1 lb can or the larger 3 lb can??
  • TLJ0205TLJ0205 Junior Member
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    The larger 3 lb can - he needs about 5 pounds per day. He'll want as much as you'll give him.

    Yes, pigs are commonly castrated if they are not going to be used for breeding. If males are not castrated, as they age the testosterone makes the meat smell funny or taste bad - its called boar taint. I castrate at about 3 days old - sometime 5 if the piglets are really small. Old timers around me talk of castrating pigs at about 40 pounds - when the pigs 2 or 3 months old - but I have never seen that done. I imagine its pretty stressful on the pig at that age. Across the big pond, I don't think they castrate at all. But the pigs are slaughtered at an earlier age- before they mature enough to develope boar taint - I think common slaughter size is about 80 lbs or so over there. But again, I am not sure.

    Good luck on finding a home for your pig.
  • BillHooBillHoo Junior Member
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    I think a pig might try eating a Louie Vuitton bag if were slathered in ketchup.
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