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Weaner pig incessant burrowing

I picked up weaner pigs four days ago.  They had a big
travel to get here. All four seemed healthy upon arrival until two nights ago.
The smallest of my four (40lbs) became disinterested in food and is incessintely 
burrowing. He was shivering and just wanted to bed down. I was able to get him to drink water with electrolytes yesterday.
We have him sequestered and in a warm place with clean bedding and access to 
water (with electrolytes) and a mixture of rice, yogurt, and applesauce.  This morning I can't get him to 
eat or drink. Any suggestions?


  • blonde Senior Member
     have you not tried him on grain or offer him something a bit sweeter see if he will take that rather than what you are his new owners......i assume

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