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To cull or not?

Our young red wattle sow farrowed two days ago.  She had 12 piglets, 11 of which were alive.  Today all but two had expired.  We are guessing that they starved.  We brought the two remaining piglets inside and started to bottle feed them with goat's milk as that is what we had on hand.  They are responding quite well so far in their small box with towels and a heating pad.  They seem much better than when we removed them this afternoon.

My question is whether we should try to rebreed this sow after she recovers from giving birth or would you consider culling her?  We are not 100% on why the piglets died but they are not bitten up or stepped on so we are guessing starvation.

We mainly raise sheep.  With ewes we give them a second chance if their first lambing doesn't go very well.  Is that the case with sows too?

Thanks for any insight.


  • blonde Senior Member
    then give her a second chance.  it might have been parvo virus that was your problem.
  • Definitely if it was her first litter give her another chance.  It is not uncommon for a gilt to not milk very well on her first litter.
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