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Pig Waste Management

There is a pig farm in Nigeria that has close to 15,000 pigs and they generate tonnes of pig waste daily. This has cost the farm a lot of money in disposing the wastes. As a result of this, they have to pump water from 21 pumps daily in order to properly dispose the waste in form of slurry. This has also lead to high running costs for the farm due to the amount of diesel (150litres) they purchase daily to power the pumps. Even at that, the water is still not enough. The resulting erosion from the volume of water pumped further worsens the whole situation for the farm. This has broken down the fence of the farm multiple times and it cost the farm a lot of money to repair the fence at each instance. I currently have a solution for this in place and I am in need of any credible firm (preferably in Africa) that can assist/provide infomation on the best way to implement the solution.
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