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Mushroom Hunting

Hunting truffles now a days is likely becoming a trend not just because of the the variety of culinary use of it but it also comes with a very high price tag. A lot of people would pay extra just to get a hold of a very delicious, delicate, and hard to find truffles. On the question how expensive truffles really are, you can read and watch this article about truffle hunting to learn more here 


  • Upon hunting. I saw this so-called psilocybe-Atlantis.Have you heard the psilocybe-Atlantis? Is it weird, right? I know but it thinks it is kind of mushroom. So, I came across this article and it is a psychedelic mushroom that has only been recorded in the USA. It is the strongest species of magic mushrooms. Like all magic mushrooms, this species is safe, and poses no danger of overdose or developing an addiction. Just giving an info :)

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