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need help with runt pig!!!

Just to start off the discussion: I am absolutely willing to put the little piggie down humanely but I want to know if there is any hope before I do. 

I have two runt piglets from the same litter. One was born with a slight splay so we tied him and the other born really healthy just very small. I removed both of them from mom for a project I am working on for my college and have been supplementing them. The splay pig was doing really really well two days ago. he was eating, walking, running, exploring and very interactive. The room I had them in does have a draft and so I was a bit concerned but still left them and had a nice heat lamp and an insulated bed in there for them. They were great all that day. Then yesterday, I went to feed them and the weaker one of the two was freezing cold, convulsing, not eating, not walking, not really doing much of anything but still alive. I took them both home so they would be warm and the weaker one started to decline. I gave him some karo syrup and seemed to perk up a little bit and I put warm heat packs on him to warm him up and he seemed to be doing better. Then the diarrhea came. I am assuming it is nutritionally related since I was feeding him formula and I probably gave him too much too fast. I put him back in the warm bed with his sister but he wasn't really doing anything. We continued to try to warm him up but he won't stay warm, won't walk, won't eat, won't do much of anything. I have started giving him electrolytes. They both got iron injections as well. I am just not sure what to do. Please help! I would really like to help him if at all possible. 


  • Hello, I was wondering if you ever got any help with your situation? We are having similar problems and Im having trouble finding any answers. Hope to hear some good news soon! Thanks.
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