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Warning of bad employer!

A good friend of 45 years has had a very traumatic 5 months, having accepted a job (with 2 bedroom cottage) he was given an old static caravan at exorbitant rental through the Scottish winter, the farm he applied for was unilaterally changed by the project manager.  Equipment and staff were slow in being supplied, to date even a feeder is not in place, and while the second farm in the project was fully staffed with experienced people, he was given only "green" employees which had to be trained from scratch while building a new herd.  Despite this, all gilts were ringed, regumated, and served unlike the favoured unit, but "shared" equipment was often not accessed for days at a time - bolt gun and scanner etc.  The "project manager" worked on a principle of laying blame for her shortfalls on others with a policy of kangaroo court style "disciplinary actions" with no recourse to aqccepted ACAS protocols.  When temporary extra staff were requested for a week, to assist the untrained new staff, the request was refused, due to their being "fully staffed" despite the other unit having not only a full quota of experienced staff + project manager + two temp staff, resulting in insufficient huts being moved after weaning, to accommodate the new farrowings, resulting in unacceptable dry sow farrowings - the "project manager" put the blame fully on my friend, and no rebuttal of the accusation was permitted, he will now be moving back to Wiltshire with me to start his cattle breeding consultancy, but any prospective job seeker needs to be aware of the atrocious working practices of this company - Karro foods, and avoid being subjected to a similar experience as my highly experienced friend with a faultless record in the pig industry!    
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