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Unhealthy pig

redoverfarmredoverfarm Junior Member
edited May 2017 in General Pig Health

Yes me again.  I hate this time of the year when my daughter gets her pigs for her annual 4H projects.  It is a constant battle with their health.  They weighed in at about 50# one month ago.  I started them on a regiment of wormers since that seem to be the biggest threat I have faced in the past ( lost 2 in 3 years).  I started using Wazine in their water.  The active ingredient is Piperazine base.  I also started mixing Durvet DuraFend medicated wormer pellets in with their regular ground feed.  The active ingredient is fenbendazole.

One of the pigs (Hampshire) is putting on weight very well.  The Durock is not.  He coughs occasionally and has light brown loose stool. 

I just took them off the Wazine water to regular water in the past week or so. Is it possible that the Duroc is not getting his dosage of the medication.  I know he has drank several gallons of water with the Wazine mixed but since there is a dual automatic feeder I am not sure about the feed that has the medication added. 

Would a wormer shot be more effective?   It is a real pain to give these pigs a shot in an open pen.  Any suggestions that would work in this environment on the application process? How do others administer shots? 

 I would appreciate any assistance


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