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We are looking at getting another sow but aren't sure what breed to get. We have a landrace X Boar and a Saddleback X sow. Not really interested in large white or landrace, thinking more of a heritage breed. Any suggestions on what to get
Cheers Erin


  • If you wish to assist in the conservation of heritage breeds then you will have to get rid of your crossbreeds. Only by using good registered examples of a breed will you be able to contribute to their survival. Keep and register good examples and eat the remainder. The registered ones ensure the survival of the breed but with high standards maintained. There is no advantage from breeding from any ole pig.

    Next choice is based upon temperament and meat taste etc. What suits you and your system. What meat type suits your end market - pork or bacons/gammons etc or a mix of both. Dual purpose meat breeds are a godsend there. I am assuming you are in the USA as you said heritage and if you go on to the Livestock Conservancy website you will see information on all the heritage breeds.

    Shameless plug but all UK and USA breeds - their characters and meat types are in my book The Commuter Pig Keeper (Michaela Giles) available direct from 5M and on Amazon.

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