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List sow

Help I've lost a sow. She dug out of their pen two nights ago. She has gone off to have her piglets. Spent all day yesterday looking for her. We back onto a creek which I don't think she would have crossed as it dose have water in it. Both the neighboring properties have long grass and scrub on them. How far would she go to nest? Will she come back on her own for food and company?


  • blonde Senior Member
    edited October 2016
    Obviously she has not been penned in with an electric fence...hence she is out......first problem

    second problem...where  has she gone........long grass and that is where  I would have my piglets....quiet, secure, shady........ plenty of food in the way of green feed....... and yes she will cross a small creek if it is inviting on the other side.....but do you have similar on your side of the creek....long grass and scrub..... she could be easy to miss as she will be laying quietly with her piglets..... if she has been fed a good feed then she may come back in time....but not straight away.  sows will lay with their piglets for a few days and go without food and water as long as their piglets are gaining all the nourishment from here and when she sees they are mobile she will want to bring them home.... if she has gone across the river then there is a problem bringing her mob home......

     You need to go for a gander on the other side of the creek and go for a look, but take a big stick with you in case she is a bit nasty.

  • E Seeger Junior Member
    Unfortunately she was in a electric fence with a outrigger on it as well. Plenty of good food and clean hay for nesting. She was just very determined to get out. I figure it could take a couple of weeks for her to come home. However I'm wondering if I should got our neighbours pig dog to sniff her out, on lead of course. But I don't want her to move on if I do that.
  • blonde Senior Member
    If she has babies  on her they should now be old enough to go for a walk.... home...but i would certainly go over the other side of the creek for a look...take a bucket of feed with you and see if you can find her

    you get sows like that that just want to be out to have their time maybe a few gates surrounding  a hut might be the go so she cannot get out... all wired together with steel posts to hold it all in......

  • E Seeger Junior Member
    Thanks blonde
    We are going back to tin buried into the ground so they can't dig out, 2 pens about 4 x 8m. It's funny because she had her last litter in the pen with no problems. All the neighbours are keeping an eye out for her as well as everyone over the creek.

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