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DVM-PhD Canidate visit



I am a PhD-DVM student at the Hebrew University, who is conducting a research on the production, reproduction and welfare of farmed pigs in Israel as part of a doctoral study.


My supervisor Dr. Raz is a reproductive biologist and a veterinarian with expertise in the area of mammalian reproduction. Currently, our major research topic in the laboratory is the association between animal welfare and the reproductive system, including the development of non-surgical sterilization methods.


I'm visiting Belgium and The Netherland next month (Landing in Brussels on 14th September). 

I'll be more than happy to visit a high welfare standard swine farm (Indoor). 

I wish you could help me. You would be contributing to the success of a groundbreaking study on pigs in Israel.


Best regards,



  • blondeblonde Senior Member
    edited October 2016
    why not visit a piggery in Australia that has a very high health herd status and learn to grow pigs properly?  instead of putting them inside in crates......pigs were not born inside ever.......

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