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It just started yesterday afternoon, this pig is having trouble walking. He is walking very gingerly almost like he is tiptoeing or walking on broken glass and is very lethargic and won't get uo, any thoughts on this?


  • caswell1053 Junior Member

    I'm not sure if anyone can help here, but just for an update. I am thinking that this pig may have mycoplasma arthritis. He can't walk without all 4 legs shaking. I gave him 2 does of Tylan Saturday and Sunday morning he seemed to get up on his own to get to the feeder and waterer without my assistance (unlike Saturday where I had to force him to each place, which he then drank and ate a lot). However, this morning he wouldn't get up at all and trying to prod him a little, though I had to leave for work so I only had a minute or so. If anyone has any thoughts on what he could have, or what I should do that would be greatly appreciated.


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