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Pig Treatment Chute

I need to find a way to treat pigs!  We help supervise our local FFA Chapter's Market Hog project.  Every year I struggle when medical issues arise - I have no way to restrain the pigs well enough to treat them properly.  I can't find anything online that seems helpful.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!


  • Stevie G Super Moderator
    Treat for what and what with????
  • PorkyBella Junior Member

    Treating for various medical issues.  We've had an especially crazy year.  It would be nice to have a way to restrain when we vaccinate when they get over 100 lbs. and we have a couple with sheath issues that have made life interesting.  Right now we just board them in a corner but access to various body parts is limited - there has to be a better way!?

  • Stevie G Super Moderator
  • blonde Senior Member

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