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Pigs Dead

We have about 20 pigs on site from 3 different breeders.  Seven of the pigs from one breeder started coughing, had high fevers, went off feed/water (we were giving pedialyte with a syringe and SQ fluids to 2 of the pigs) & dark diarrhea (may have been melena - never really got tarry).  The first 2 that went down were the worst - the others we caught early.  The coughing only lasted for a day or so.  We treated with antibiotics and a dose of anti-inflammatories.  One of the pigs started vomiting last night, foaming at the mouth when he vomited, went into seizures and died.  He was one of the first pigs.  I think the second first pig is going to die also.  All the rest are recovering and looking good.  Any ideas?  It just seems weird that they are all from one breeder and none of the other pigs are getting sick.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  These are FFA project hogs - we are hoping to keep the rest of the herd viable.  Thanks!


  • blonde Senior Member
    I would say they are not used to your herd bugs,

    You have introduced them  in to your pigs without being in quarantine for 4 - 6 weeks.

    when bringing pigs in to your farm you should always always have a separate pen for them so they can be seen by you every day and not be able to mix with your own till they have received all of your herd bugs.. and gotten used to them  

    I have the same trouble when people take my pigs from my farm...cause we are immune to nothing...we are so healthy here with no diseases as all....Every one who buys pigs from me must keep them separate and introduce their herd bugs via there manure slowly to my pigs other wise they will go down sick and die.....

     this is just a thought on your problems.


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