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is every one too busy

no one got any pig problems....I have some time to spare to help out    Where is S
tevie...seems to be not here either.


  • Hamish Junior Member
    Raise Kunekunes (small head type/lard pig from New Zealand). Worming with Ivomec, injected subcutaneously, but we have all ages on farm from newborn, near weaning, juvies to adult, and was wondering if there are any concerns with administering to still nursing sows and their piglets? Don't want to skip anyone unless we have to. So...

    Okay to use on 8 week old piglets (we wean at 10 weeks)? Obviously the dosage would be adjusted for weight.

    Okay to use on still nursing sows?

    If okay to use on still nursing piglets is there any minimum age for treatment?

  • Stevie G Super Moderator
    edited June 2016
    Don't usually do it when sow is suckling but before or after they are weaned. Am a little out of touch with it all as am out of pigs at present but if you need more info. can help. ie infeed, oral or injection available.
  • blonde Senior Member
    how the chooks Steve?
  • blonde Senior Member
    when using Ivomectin it can be adjusted even for the tiniest of pigs.   We had a mange problem here and baby pigs also got a shot of it but it had to be adjusted down to their weight.    the pens were also sprayed out to kill all of the mange insects.

  • E Seeger Junior Member
    I usually worm piglets when they are weaned, because that's when I sell them on at about 8 weeks old. Any recommendations on how often to worm adults i.e breeders? I always worm before butchering as well. Never had trouble with mange but we do get pig lice which I just spray with fidos concentrate.
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