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pig farm manager need new challenge

Who is Brian.

I am born 13 of March 1975

I grow up on a breeding farm there was 200 Yorkshire sows,
and we had 120 hectare of land.

In 1992 I started on my education as a pig farmer (on Danish
we call it Virksomheds leder) this education you need if you want your own farm
in Denmark. Its take around 5 years include practice.

What job is Brian Looking for

There are many ways in the job.

It can be an investor, who want to start a pig production,
but the investor is not interested in the production, he is focusing on the
capital, the pig production bring and I take care of everything, I mean, to
find the place, where the farm need to be, I build the production, I make the
production to run, and then I can continue as a director or manager or we can

It can be farmers, who need a consultant for a period.

It can be a farmer, who want to make his farm bigger and
then he need a manager for a period.

It can be a farmer, who want to retire from the production
and then he need a manager or director.

It can be a bank, who take over a farm and then they need a
manager for the period its take to sell the farm..

And the place of working can be everywhere.

I can speak and understand and write on Danish, English

I can speak and understand 60 % Russian in the pig

A good manager has a new plan ready before the first plan is
not working

You go to work in the morning and then you have plan A, but
when you come home in the evening then you are with plan X

In the production

I can make feed recipes

I can select gilts

I can make the right genetic plan, for making the right sows
for the further

I can make the farm so there will be minimum risk of illness
from outside into the pigs

I can make so the sows in average have minimum 2, 48 times
piglets a year

I can make the feed cost low, but with higher effect

I can see when the pigs will be ill before they actually
will be ill

In some cases I can open a dead pig and say why it’s dead

Can make the growing rate on meat pigs higher

Can make the feed use per kg growth less.

What I don’t know I know, I know whom to ask

About the salary

If you believe on that the salary you will pay me it’s an
expensive, then it’s for sure not me you want on your farm.

The salary you are paying me is an investment as you invest
in new sows or new system in the farm.

I have a great knowledge in all concerning pig production
it’s all from genetic until meat pigs and feed, antibiotic, vaccine, you name
it and I think I will know it.

The salary can be fixing so it’s the same amount every
month, or it can be partly with bonus, or it can be only bonus.

About the daily work.

Everybody is doing what I say, I do not want to have meeting
every 2 min to explain the owner the director the workers or other why they
need to do what they have to do, it’s a waste of time if everybody first need
to understand and then do. (Without hurting anybody) but it’s only me who knows
how to do the things in the pig production. And I am working as a bulldozer and
I am not looking how many hours I am working, and this everybody will do too.

I will be glad to come to your office for a talk, but I
expect the interview will be on English.

Brian’s working places

From 01.02.1992. to 31.07.1992. 6 month practice Jens
Johansen, town Ikast country Denmark, this farm was pork production with 600
sows and 25 pigs per sow per year.

From 01.08.1992. to 31.01.1993. 6 month Agriculture
university Asmildkloster town Viborg country Denmark.

From 01.02.1993. to 31.01.1994. 12 month practice as manager
for Jorgen christiansen firm, name „Uhre breeding farm”, town Uhre country
Denmark. 400 yourkshire and 200 landrace. 23 pigs pr sow pr year.

From 01.02.1994. to 31.07.1994. 6 month Agriculture
university Asmildkloster town Viborg country Denmark.

From 01.08.1994. to 31.07.1995. 12 month as manager for
Jorgen Christiansen the same breading farm as i was in practice as mannger
(1993 to 1994). I was manager for the whole farm, pigs and land.

From 01.08.1995. to 31.05.1996. 10 month on Agriculture
university Asmildkloster town Viborg country Denmark.

From 01.06.1996. to 31.12.1997. own company, i build up a
company who clean farms, factories and ships, and i sold it, because i got a
good offer and because i need to finish my studing.

From 01.01.1998. to 31.06.1998. 6 month on Agriculture
university Asmildkloster town Viborg country Denmark.

From 01.07.1998. to 31.01.2000. Working as director for a
pig production farm 1200 sows. 29 pigs pr sow pr year. Owner „Den Danske Bank”
town Holstebro country Denmark.

From 01.02.2000. to 31.12.2002. working as manager pig
production 600 sows 28 pigs pr sow pr year. Latvian local government town
Bauska, Country Latvia. It was a project called hand over key , after 2 years.

01.01.2003.-30.06.2004. director of the farmer who converted
the farm for cows to the farm for pigs Kemerovo / Novosibirsk (Russia), 16,000
hectares of land, 8,000 sows, 29 piglets per sow per year.

01.07.2004.-30.09.2006. As supervisor for the project.
investor (Gasprom) in Lipetsk (Lev Tolstoy) (Russia), the construction of a new
farm, all of the equipment from Denmark, 32,000 hectares of land, 10,000 sows,
31 piglets per sow per year.

01.10.2006.-31.01.2009. Director for the company "Pan
agro" (Ukraine), the investor "Alfa bank", 60,000 hectares of
land, 35,000 sows.

01.08.2009.- 17.02.2014 SIA "SavaPlast", Latvia,
Director. My own pig farm with 800 sows and 27 productive slaughter pigs per
sow per year.

From 01.04.2014 until ........... i am giving consultating
for pig farmers

I have time to find the right company to work for.

Thanks for reading

Brian Vendelboe

PS My CV was too long for this site so contact me for full CV


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