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animal husbandry

Is animal husbandry important?.   Is the make up of the pig important... in their  movement and is inexperience excusable if some thing goes wrong with the sow.   Is the  previous owner of the  pig responsible or is the present owner of the pig responsible.  for losses incurred due to inexperience?  


  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited January 2016

    Your experience should  make up for the previous persons inexperience. Its what you do in most cases that is what matters. Of course, there are exceptions to ever rule!

    Why what makes you say this?

  • blondeblonde Senior Member
    just trying to get conversation going on this site....... and there does not seem to be any interest
  • E SeegerE Seeger Junior Member
    I think it goes both ways. When I sell any livestock I always tell new owners as much as possible, I also tell them to call if there are any problems and I check how it's going after a week or so. Giving buyers the correct info and support is very important. It is also the responsibility of potential owners to do there research and be prepared.
  • rhodierhodie Senior Member
    Always buy from a reputable breeder, most of my career has been in producing breeding stock, both boar breeding and sow multiplication, with a few years of organic rare breeds which involved selecting both boars and gilts for home used and surplus sales. Buying breeding stock through a general auction or from an unknown breeder is just too risky considering the cost of buying and maintaining pig breeding stock - and always quarantine any new stock coming onto your unit. 
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