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Dominant and Recessive Genes for Color


So I have four sows and they are all a York/Exotic Hamp cross (Blue Butt). I bred one to a pure Hamp, one to a pure Duroc, and the other two to a Blue Butt. They just pigged this last week and... all of my pigs are blue butts. I've been doing some research on dominant and recessive genes / genotypes and pheontypes, but I am having some trouble finding a solid answer to the situation (I know that genetics can be very complex). What do I need to do in order to end up with red or black pigs? I realize there is no physical way to determine which piglets carry a colored gene other than the color that they actually are. Please help.



  • blondeblonde Senior Member
    you a red pig involved to get a red piglet

     if you cross a white with a blue butt you will get all blue butts but if you add a red to it you will get red butts blue butts and whites
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator

    Hi All, first sow will be 75% Hampshire, 25 % York, the next would be 50% Duroc,  25 % York and 25% Hampshire and the last would be 50 % York 50% Hampshire.

    As Blonde states the duroc cross will be the odd one out with ginger  in colour.

  • blondeblonde Senior Member
    been breeding red saddles for 20 years...... when a  white is a dam and a brown/red is a sire you will get the whites making up most of the colour and the colour and the minor colour will be ginger....... that being the case it can be a saddle and it may only be one in the litter.....and it can be a sow or a boar..... the colour can be full or spots or partial..... the white being the majority is all white with no colour at all.
    so breeding a new breed with the minor colour can be a bit of work but HEY we have achieved it...20 years on..... now we have the Australian Red Saddle Back....!!!!!!!

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