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Greasy skin disease

ejvpriceejvprice Junior Member
edited November 2015 in General Pig Health
I have a sow that I noted having a patch of greasy brown skin inside her left rear leg, becoming visible on the inside of her under belly. I treated the area with iodine and dosed her with penicillin the same day I noticed it, as it is my understanding it is a staph infection basically. My questions are is this something that can be cured or is it only treatable? She has 8 week old piglets on her still and they have no symptoms, should I remove (wean) them or allow them to nurse while she is on antibiotics? Lastly will she pose a risk to potentially infect other sows, the boar once this has cleared up or is it safe to reintroduce her once she is symptom free? If so how long of a period of time would you wait to be safe? Thanks in advance for your help!!
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