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Pig Behavior Problems Please Help?!?

cecilemoorececilemoore Junior Member
edited April 2009 in Pig Tales and Stories
We have a 3 month old male pot belly (he is neutered, litter box trained) some Problems we are having: he eats paint off the walls, roots and digs off drywall, he pretty much gets into everything: underneath our sofa he pulls off the lining and eats it, he tries to root up carpet, floor boards, door stops, rugs, pretty much anything that he can reach he wants to sabotage!

A bit about his environment: he goes outside one day a week to root and be a pig (this is the best we can offer him at our current residence: we where told by our breeder that pigs are 100% content on indoor living only…but I think that he gets restless being inside all day. We work 10 hr days so he is in his kennel for that long 5 days a week. We used to let him loose while we where at work but since he started eating walls that privilege was removed) we have a dog (shes older and does not really pay to much attention to our pig they play every once in a while) and other exotics (our guinea pigs love Othello, he will just lay down and let them clean him) which are caged, we feed him ½ a cup (Mazuri Adult potbelly pig feed) twice a day plus 1 cup a veggies twice a day, we have toys for him but he gets bored with them easily and moves onto more lucrative items such as walls!!

When he acts up we will either tell him NO!! and if he stops we will change our tone and verbally give him praise. When he does something really bad like eat paint and drywall we will put him in his kennel for about 15 min in time out and tell him NO!!!! Most of the time NO in a upset authoritative voice is not sufficient he will simply wait until your distracted or you leave the room and then he will go right back to doing the wrong action (are there any anti-chew products or scents/taste pigs find offensive that I might be able to put on walls?). We are feeling a bit overwhelmed because he needs to be watched every second he is out of his kennel! I have read that getting another pig (female) might help so he could have a playmate.

On a more positive note he loves to sleep in my lap and be cuddled! We also have a special bond that I have not experienced with any of my other pets this is why I so desire to do the best thing for my pig. Thank you for your time; any advice is greatly appreciated!


  • Madisons' MomMadisons' Mom Senior Member
    edited July 2007
    If you don't mind I am not trying to be rude but why did you get this pig in the first place? If I was an animal of any kind, I wouldn't want to be crated for that long of a time and then be expected to be good. Who ever said they like to be indoors alot should really read some books and get more info. Getting another pig is NOT a good idea at all unless you are able to keep them outdoors in a safe place and provide the necessities. I'm sorry but maybe you should have gotten a fish or other similar animal. This reminds me of a relative who works very long hours yet has large dogs in her house during the day and gets mad when they make a mess. GEEZ.
    edited July 2007
    he is bored, needs to go outside and play, not be crated for 10 hours a day, My pot bellied is trained like the dogs, he goes in and out with the dogs, and I have no problems, other than him gaurding the dog food. he squeals when he wants to go out and he squeals when he wants in, I do have holes in my yard but that is the price I pay for having one, I level the dirt out every time I mow and let him dig it up again. That is his job.
  • farmereafarmerea Senior Member
    edited July 2007
    In my opinion, for what little it may be worth, keeping a pig of any breed confined to the inside of a human's dwelling constitutes cruelty. This pig should be taken to a home where it can have the opportunity to be a pig - pigs are NOT house pets.
  • cornishminiscornishminis Junior Member
    edited April 2009
    this sounds like piggy hell, time and time again i hear of poor piggys being treated like dogs in a house, eventually ive heard that they would rather die than carry on in a cell like pen. if u cant spend more time with a pig than once a week then you shouldnt of had one in the first place, pig behaivour will worsen as the piggy gets older and wiser. i have 2 pigs and they live in a large outdoor pen around 35 feet by 12 feet with shelter housing shade fresh water and a walk around every day for at least 20 mins, they are free to root around as much as they want in their pen and when they are out they take great advantage of grazing the fresh green grass, (they also get plenty of grass and weeds chucked in thier pen everyday) a good way to keep your pigs entertained is by cutting up an apple into tiny pieces and scattering it all over thier pen, they love food and love even more hunting for it, if you asked for my adivce anyone who cannot cater for a pig outside should DEFINATLY NOT get a piggy.
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