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How to make a good strong and produktiv gilt/sow

vendelboevendelboe Member
edited September 2015 in General Pig Health
How to make a good strong and produktiv gilt/sow
When you want to inseminate the gilt, you will only inseminate her in the third heat.
You are keeping records on every heat
The gilt must be 1 year old when she farrow first time.
Then the gilt farrow, she must have equal piglets sucking her as she have ****, if she have only 12 **** then she will lay with 12 piglets, if she have 14 **** she will lay with 14 piglets, if she have 16 **** she will lay with 16 piglets. But it's recure a good manager/operator, because you need to move piglets if they start to be hungry.
I know its give a bit extra work, but when the gilt/sow will get piglets the second time and the third and fourth time you will see that there is more total born and that they are better to nurse more piglets than before you did this.
Try it, its working
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