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Piglet infection

AimlessRollingAimlessRolling Junior Member
edited September 2015 in General Pig Health
Hi, new to pigs. Was raised on a farm, so familiar with many aspects of raising livestock, however first time doing pigs solo. I saved the lives of these two feral piglets when I captured them after a hunter took their mother a couple of weeks ago on my ranch in Texas. When captured, they were very clean and healthy and also very wild. The day after capture, I constructed a small pen (about 12' X 12') of fence wire and released the piglets. They managed to injure themselves "testing" the wire at full speed and both sustained nose bleeds from that exercise. Since that time, they have both managed to pick up some sort of eye infection. Initially I thought they had managed to ram/bump/rub the fence wire, but it has persisted for over a week on one and spread to the other. I am attaching a pic, please advise if antibiotic is recommended or if time will take care of this.

They both seem to be hearty eaters, are still very wary/cautions and do not like being handled. I do not press the handling as I don't want to risk further self inflicted injury as they try to run. The one with his eyes nearly shut does seem to manage to see, however I am not sure how. I can post more pics if needed. Thanks for any advice.

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